Eddy Rioseco has taught me how to breathe, stretch and engage my core and protect my lower back. It’s been over ten years since I started Pileddys and I look and feel better than I ever did, I’m stronger and more flexible and most importantly, I understand how to take care of myself to avoid injuries as an athlete while staying in great shape. I’ve also trusted Eddy and his team to train my children since it’s never too early - or too late - to learn how to take care of your body.
— john shallman
I have been doing Pilates with Eddy Rioseco and his company for two years now and I have adored the experience. I routinely work with him and two of his trainers every week and he has always sent instrutctors that match his enthusiasm, skill and patience. For me, the results have been transformative. I am in the best shape of my life and plan on working with him for years to come.
— Bear McCreary
My goal has always been to stay fit as I age. Being able to pick up my grandchildren well into my senior years has been the great benefit. Eddy has exceptional knowledge of the body and he’s so entertaining and motivating that the hour flies by. The highest recommendation from my husband and me for Pileddys as we train together to remain strong.
— diana brueggemann
I started taking Pilates because years of poor posture and endurance sports had left me an inflexible mess. Eddy has coached me to remarkable change. His knowledge is extensive and the sessions are fun and move along briskly. My wife and I attend classes together and he manages a program it for both of us very effectively. We have a great time and Eddy’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious.
— jon cryer
pileddys is the highlight of my weekend. i found Eddy on Yelp and he had great reviews. as soon as i walked into his lovely, cozy studio I immediately felt his energy. he put me through my paces and i started to build muscle and get my strength back.
— cathi black
I love Eddy! He was a saving grace after the birth of my child and I have been going to him for years. I now take my ten year old to work on his posture and flexibility. Eddy is an attentive teacher that makes pilates fun for any age. Great workout.
— Nicola Frances Sievertson