whether you are an expectant mother looking to prepare your body for labor and birth or are a new mom wanting to maintain and improve muscle tone, pileddys focuses on your health and recovery.  we help with diastasis for moms who haven't been able to connect their abdominals after birth and for nursing clients who require deeper scapular stabilization due to kyphosis in the thoracic spine.


FITNESS and rehab

these days it seems that you go to any specialist and the one thing that they recommend across the board is pilates. if there is a particular part of your body that you're trying to stretch and strengthen or are focused on alleviating any lingering injuries, pileddys customizes a work out that is specific to your needs. come and push your limits to be the strongest you in your lifetime.


myofascial release

fascia is the connective tissue under our deepest layer of muscle in the entire body. it solidifies and constricts your entire muscular-skeletal system with a debilitating pressure that most therapies can only tap the surface of. trauma and inflammatory responses create fascial restrictions that grip the muscles, nerves, organs, blood vessels and bones. this method opens you from the inside out.