common questions


What is pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise designed by joseph pilates to strengthen your low abdominal muscles and lengthen your spine. it is a low impact, full body work out that isolates individual muscles to get you back to your true anatomical alignment.

what is myofascial release?



mfr is a massage treatment that focuses on opening all of the traumas that are locked in your body. inflammatory response creates fascial restrictions that can produce pressure that can be debilitating. mfr treatments unlocks these pressures on muscles, nerves, blood vessels, joints and bones to free the client of pain, headaches and limited range of motion. the deeper component of the work lies in releasing the underlying emotional trauma that we all hold.

safe for people with injuries?

absolutely. the majority of pileddys clients contacted the studio to rehabilitate an injury and now come for general fitness.  myofascial release is a method designed to free the body of its subconscious holding patterns. once you are aware of your physical restrictions, the work evolves into an unwinding of the emotional trauma being held under the physical limitations. because the pilates method focuses on creating a stronger, more flexible spine and increasing a wider range of motion, it is ubiquitous in the realm of physical therapy.



is pilates ok during pregnancy?

All 10 months!  although lying flat on your back is not advised after the first trimester, there are over 9,000 exercises on different apparatus that help an expectant mother throughout her term.  mfr helps to open any constraints in the developing body and open any restrictions in a very gentle way. pregnant women can create a lot of strength and flexibility that will help during labor and maintain their bodies after giving birth into different stages of motherhood.



benefits neurological disorders?

100%. pileddys currently trains clients with Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia and ataxia. myofascial release helps restore fluid and prevent fascial tissue from solidifying and crystalizing. because of the gentle holding pressure in treatment, it allows patients with neurological disorders to feel an increase in range of motion and a significant decrease in pain. pilates combines the mind body connection to stimulate the brain and spinal cord in opening your synapses and sending their messages to your nerves to improve balance and overall control of the body.



how long is a session?

sessions are 55 minutes in length.



what do i wear?


the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and can move freely in your clothing.  that being said, form fitting clothing is optimal in helping your instructor cue your body's movements. if you are coming in for an mfr treatment, underwear or swimsuits serve the session best in order have access to skin for traction.